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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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room for our international viewers. she starts coming up at the top of the hours for our viewers here in north america. newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> hi will. you're watching cnn. breaking developments in two terror attacks in paris that left 17 people dead last month. here's what we're learning. this report coming from the french newspaper indicates these attacks were coordinated. courses were telling the french newspaper hah one of the brothers behind the massacre at the offices was in communication with the gunman that got that a little later. sources say a text from the younger of the brothers went to one of the 13 cell phones used by him. he was the one that shot and killed the four jews inside of
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that grocery store after taking hostages. when was the text exchanged? >> this is so interesting. we know they were friends and involved in previous plots together but now we have physical evidence linking the two men in the hour before the massacre on the charlie hebdo offices according to an investigator that spoke to the french newspaper. he actually tested coulibaly. this is the first evidence showing they intended to carry out a coordinated attack. kouachi and then coulibaly days later. the text was sent to one of 13 phones he had. he was under surveillance and may have been trying to avoid protection by authorities he believed were watching him. there's also evidence to suggest
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the two men actually met him the morning of that attack sometime between 12:00 and 1:00 in the morning and there was discussion that perhaps they called the attack off because the older brother appeared to have some sort of a stomach flu. so they met and right before the attack they texted. perhaps a go that it was on as planned. >> a couple of points you mentioned the 13 cell phones. apparently the one he had was specifically to communicate with the brothers and number two the fact that this attack at charlie hebdo may not have happened -- i don't want to say may never have happened but because one of the brothers had stomach flu? >> well that's what is so interesting. that's what investigators are telling the french newspaper. they were talking about that possibility. so what's also interesting is there is a lot of talk after this attack about what the communication and the coordination was. al qaeda claimed credit for the attack. they never claimed credit for the attack on that kosher
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market. coulibaly saying he was acting on behalf of isis and now we learned that his religious wife has actually ended up in syria with isis. so two different terror groups. both connected but these friends deciding it appears that they were going to carry this out as a coordinated attack in france. >> stunning. stunning. thank you for reporting all of that for me. now to this. >> right now nations are scrambling as a frightening situation is taking hold. isis is moving faster than anticipated. now in their cross hairs, libya. remember they're all about geography here. so mow we're seeing proof of the
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gains. isis moving from the barren hills of syria and iraq to a beach on the mediterranean coastline. savagely killing these 21 egyptian christians here in those orange jump suits. all of this is isis's strong hold in libya. this is the city of derna shaping up to be the new front line in this war 200 miles from the european coastline. this is a place where isis is strengthening each and every day taking over government buildings, even taking over a radio station. egypt, now, hitting back dropping bombs on what we now know are these training camps and storage facilities. so let's go to ian lee in egypt for us in this hometown of egyptian christians brutally be headed by isis there on the beach. and first just beginning with these air strikes from egypt, how successful have they been?
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>> well what we're hearing is they haven't been really successful. they have hit targets. they he have attacked part of isis control and weapons supply lines but it's going to take more than roughly 10 air strikes to really put a dent and stop and turn back the dpans that isis has made. we have seen the egyptian president asking for a larger international coalition. something that we have seen in iraq and syria to go after the isis militants in libya. his attorney minister is in the united states right now pushing that case. he's also talking to governments around the world trying to get them on board with this. he doesn't want to see isis pushing up next to the border we with heegypt. we could see egyptian troops on
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the ground and not just air strikes, brook. >> speaking of potentially stepped up measures we're talking about some of these strikes in one part of libya but egyptian forces were already battling these isis allied militants. did you anticipate more measures there? >> well the egyptian government has said they are stepping up efforts to go after the militants and this comes after a very deadly attack that killed roughly 30 people. hundreds of security personnel have been killed in the over yearlong war. we haven't seen isis lose any ground or lose any control. lose their violent attacks there. it's going to be difficult for the egyptian government to regain that area as isis has some support from the local
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community there where the egyptian government would destroy a house trying to root out these militants. the militants compensate the people for their losses. so the egyptian government while using their weapons to go after this are going to have to win hearts and minds on the ground. >> ian lee, thank you. as isis gains ground different parts around the world, more than 60 nations are gaining inside knowledge on exactly how the u.s. fights groups like isis. at this moment vice president joe biden is speaking at a white house summit. they're calling it countering violence extremism. foreign officials are focussing on tactics used in three cities boston minneapolis and los angeles. so this summit is happening today as new cnn polls are showing mixed support for president obama's war on isis. americans do not think the current strategy is going well but more and more believe this isis fight is a war that the u.s. needs to take on. let me show you numbers and
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you'll see this poll finds 58% of those surveyed believe the fight against isis is going badly but the poll also indicates that 78% believe that congress should let the president continue military force against the radicals. just ahead new information on the shooter in the denmark terrorist attack over the weekend including how he swore allegiance to isis. hear about the letter that was found at the scene. plus jurors in the murder trial of aaron hernandez seeing video of the former nfl star. you see this? he's at some point here taking his phone apart. why? what would that mean? and after the massive explosion of this oil tanker in west virginia the water supply is now being threatened. we'll take you there live. you're watching cnn. stay right here. my name is daniel i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain felt like my feet were on fire. i had these very burning ... needle-like sensations.
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. we have to talk about this evidence in the murder of trial former nfl star aaron hernandez because for the first time the jury was shown video of hernandez on surveillance tape dismantling his cell phone. here's hernandez. you see his fingers and a phone in his lap. this happened in the parking lot of a police station the day after the shooting death of lloyd and hernandez is seen using a different phone to make a call to a man who is now hernandez's co-defendant in this case. i have legal analyst and former federal prosecutor with me. alexandra let me begin with you. this piece of evidence and both sides fought back and forth over this. ultimately the judge citing with the prosecution. why might this be key? >> look the prosecution fought so hard for this because they want to use this video to be able to raise certain questions
11:14 am
for the jury in this case. why is aaron hernandez in the parking lot of a police station where there are visible surveillance cameras around? why is he dismantling his cell phone? why is he using someone else's cell phone and why is he according to the prosecution calling wallace? these are all questions they want to get before the jury. we'll see if they can build a case to help answer the questions. this is all going on again in the parking lot of the police department. aaron hernandez is in a car with his attorney. it is his attorney his former attorney who gives him the cell phone which he uses to call earnest wallace. the attorney had no knowledge of the phone call. this is what the prosecution wants to get into. they want to know that it was used to call him and it wasn't aaron hernandez's phone. >> let's pick this apart because again they're in the parking lot at a police station, you have to know there's cameras around.
11:15 am
we has a phone. he's taking it apart. >> destroying it really. >> destroying the phone. how, if you're the defense, how do you explain that? >> it's tough. this is one of the more troubling pieces of evidence that i think this jury has seen. the defense i would put forth would be blame the lawyers. listen, he was addvised to destroy the phone because his calls were being monitored or you know he misunderstood our directive. any number of reasons but i still think that the behavior quite frankly, is so suspicious that the jury is going to have questions about it. the jury will have questions about i don't know that the prosecutors have any answers to it. it's a very circumstantial case. is it proved positive that he committed this murder? no. does it look really suspicious? yes. i don't know if that's enough but the prosecution i think at this point is sort of building piece by piece that circumstantial case which is that people that are innocent
11:16 am
don't destroy their phones. people that are innocent don't call co-defendants. people that are innocent don't behave this way. >> what about the fact that this is coming from the police station and the surveillance cameras. throw it up again because it looks like it's zoomed in. is that just because they zoomed in for trial purposes or would the police station have zoomed in? >> the police station actually did this. that is what is so fascinating. so many people were saying this is not fair. he's in a car. how can they video tape him? there's no expectation of privacy when you're in a public parking lot, a police parking lot even if you're in the car with your lawyer and the defense team tried hard to get this evidence out by making those same arguments. listen this was a legal advice kind of situation. obviously it didn't work with the judge. >> let me go back out to you because the court today heard from an electronics expert that installed this home surveillance system at his house and apparently hernandez said to
11:17 am
this guy, i don't want surveillance video in my basement. they had a conversation surrounding that. tell me about that. >> yeah this is a guy that had 11 surveillance cameras inside of his home. it's been a really big part of this case. there's no murder weapon ever been recovered here. there is an image of what the prosecution says is aaron hernandez holding a gun after oden lloyd was killed caught on his home surveillance cameras. they had the man that installed the system to talk about how the system worked and the one thing he reflected on is the fact that before he left aaron hernandez said i don't want my fiancee watching my while i'm hanging out with my friend in the man cave downstairs so can we do some things so that camera doesn't record on the dvr and the technician showed him what he could do which was to unplug the camera if he didn't want to record whatever activities were going on in the so-called man cave but i want to squeeze in
11:18 am
one more point about this cell phone because we are seeing that video of the phone pulled apart in three pieces. the prosecution wanted it in. the defense didn't. so when they got the cross-examination they tried to make another point which was to say all you see in that video was aaron hernandez taking the back off of his phone and taking the battery out. they're trying to say that's not destroying the phone. taking it apart. so that's the distinction. they are trying to make in defense of aaron hernandez. >> okay. >> i like that one. that's not horrible. >> okay. >> there you go. thank you ladies. both of you. fire balls exploding in the sky over west virginia. have you seen these pictures today? these train carrying crude oil derails in the midst of a snowstorm. we'll look at the lasting impact and whether the spilled oil here poses a threat to the community's water supply. plus experts say isis terrorists want to see the apocalypse.
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hear from one writer who dug very deep on their aspirations and finds out where they may want to go, next. don't miss that conversation.
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a thousand people had to get out, leave their homes after the terrifying train derailment in rule west virginia set off the massive explosions and shot pillars of fire clearly up into the sky. sering heat we're told could be felt a half a mile away and was so hot that firefighters had to keep their distance. explosions continued even ten hours after this derailment. crude oil from ruptured tank cars float into a river that supplies drinking water to people in the area. the other officials are expected
11:24 am
to be at the scene shortly. this accident happened in the town of mt. carbon during a major snowstorm about 30 miles south of charleston. marcus is a reporter with the charles charleston daily mail. i'd love to share a picture you uploaded to your twitter feed where you see these firefighters -- where is that? right along the river? >> that's right on the river. right near where the train went off the tracks. initial reports were that oil was leaking into the river and there have been no confirmed of how much could have escaped from the derailed train but as you can see from the pictures the firefighters are putting the booms into the river and you can see the oil there in the water. >> so when you see there's oil in the water and i'm glancing down to my e-mail this is from west virginia department of homeland security and emergency management results from two
11:25 am
preliminary market samples have come back clean. what are you hearing about the water there marcus? >> well the latest news as of 1:00 p.m. today is three rounds of water quality testing have come clean for hydrocarbons so they have actually restarted that water system in montgomery that serves around 2,000 customers so customers in that area should be getting water back in the next days. they're still under a boil water advisory but they have given the okay for them to restart the water. it will be closed due to the water situation. >> we're looking at the pictures in the middle of all of this snow your way. i was reading the newspaper earlier this morning and someone described it as an atomic bomb going off. how did emergency responders fair getting folks out of there and folks to shelter with the oods covered in snow.
11:26 am
>> much of west virginia was under a winter storm warning. about a foot of snow fell around the area where the train derailment occurred so obviously that made it difficult for first responders to get to the scene. the roads were a little bit better this morning and some of the residents actually kind of bucked the evacuation order and went back last night and then a train car exploded around 11:30 last night. one firefighter was five miles south of where the derailment happened and the sky was lit up so bright he could have turned his headlights off and driven. >> stunning. and these explosions continued up to ten hours after this train derailed. we'll stay on this with you. thank you so much. >> thank you, brooke. >> coming up next here on cnn, isis wages it's deadly battle of terror the question remains what is their ultimate goal?
11:27 am
my next guest says part of the answer is the apocalypse. the end of days. plus a family torn apart after a road rage incident turns tragic leaving a mother dead and a suspect still on the run. no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise
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- so you can charge me on the down low two weeks later look, credit karma - are you talking to websites again? this website says 'free credit scores'. oh. credit karma! yeah, it's really free. look, you don't even have to put in your credit card information. what?! credit karma. really free credit scores. really. free. i could talk to you all day. >> you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the question is what exactly does isis want? it's a question plaguing leaders
11:32 am
all around the world as they try to understand an enemy that has tentacles across the middle east and africa. an enemy that was virtually unknown but now the answer to this question what does isis want? simple. an apocalypse in this phenomenal read in the atlantic. it's part of this piece. we're about to talk to the man that authored this. the islam state awaits the arrival of an enemy army whose defeat will initiate the countdown to the apocalypse. graham thank you so much for coming on. each and every one of you at home i tweeted out the article. find a quite karencorner and read every bit of this. it's disturbing and fascinating and i have lots to get to with you graham. let me get to the leader of isis. he hadis the apparent descending
11:33 am
prophet and figure head. but is he the one truly calling the shots or does he have this number two that's doing that? >> well, we do know the identities of a few of the leaders of isis but he is the most prominent one and he does weald control over the organization. he and a hand full of others are well-known as being at the very top of the group. >> let me ask you about this man you met in australia in november. he seemed to be living out of a drama that looked like a medieval fantasy novel only with real blood. can you explain the magnetism to isis? why others would want to go with their one way tickets and join? >> yeah he's an interesting figure. he's in his early 30s.
11:34 am
very nice guy. very well educated. very smart. he's a bit of a bookworm even but the thing that attracts him is an interest in history and in the future. he knows very well the literature in islam of the apocalypse and he believes that the islamic state is one of the key players in that apocalypse. the way the islamic state will proceed, the victories it will achieve are foretold in prophesy and will lead pretty soon actually to the end of the world. >> and that's also one of the differences when you start talking about al qaeda versus isis, isis is talking about this apocalypse and al qaeda you write about this group as more of an underground political movement and how bin laden really rarely mentioned the end of days. >> yeah. >> can you just expound more on that and how there truly is this rift between these two groups.
11:35 am
>> yeah. bin laden as we know is very wealthy and his successor was a very well educated upper crust egyptian. still is. and they regarded talk of the end of times and the apocalypse as a vulgar lower class pursuit. not that they denied things would unfold in a particular way as foretold by prophesy but they didn't expect they were part of it or would live to see it. al qaeda thought that the apocalypse was a distant thing and the islamic state seems to believe it's all happening now and step by step they're going to be part of it. >> is there any reference, though to bin laden? isis militants refer to him as shake osama. the 21 egyptian christians were murdered and there is an
11:36 am
illusion to the death of bin laden. >> yeah they like bin laden. they regard him as one of their key predecessors. his successor as the head of al qaeda, much less so. he is very uncharismatic guy and he has not really gotten behind the islamic state. so they think of him as perhaps an enemy and certainly not anyone that they look up to as a leader of their organization. >> interesting. so much of this from isis as we have been watching is territory, right? it's not just in the middle east but it's world domination and i have heard now in videos and you reference this in your piece, the notion of rome. 21 egyptian christians were killed. we will conquer rome by god's permission.
11:37 am
explain the significance of rome. it's rome italy but you point out this is the eastern roman empire. >> yeah when isis talks about rome they don't think of the spaghetti. they're talking about the whole crusader empire. they're talking about the armies of christianity of the west meeting them in the battlefield and there's some debate about what rome exactly means in the literature of the apocalypse in islam. some people think it means turkey. so there's -- >> istanbul. >> there's a lot of discussion of this. >> yes, istanbul is what they think of as rome because it was the capital of the eastern roman empire but you're right to point out in that video that took place on the shore of libya they were constantly referring to this apocalyptic prophesy and what they really want which is a confrontation between the west and islam. that's how they wish to frame everything and they're trying to get the west and the united states and nato into war with
11:38 am
thelda. >> and as you point out, i remember we discussed this in one of the videos mentioning president obama by name isis wants the west to come to them. when we talk about this whole discussion you know about air strikes versus ground troops i think the way you phrased it in your piece was something like at least air strikes is the worst of the bad options or something to that effect right? isis would want the west there? >> yeah isis as i say -- their whole propaganda machine is based on telling muslims that the west is after them. the west wants to kill them. the west views itself in competition with islam so if we were to invade if we had boots on the ground perhaps we would destroy the islamic state. we would also be fulfilling their fondest wish which is to have images of americans and christ kwans fighting directly against muslims. so air strikes, having proxies
11:39 am
who are themselves muslims, such as the kurds, these are not the winning images for isis. they're not the images that isis wants. what they really want is guys in camouflage showing up from places like fort bragg and fighting them on the ground. >> just quickly, i don't want to ask about winning or losing but do you find that at least based upon this u.s. lead coalition and air strikes despite what we saw in libya, do you see that isis is at least losing any kind of momentum at all? >> well isis views it's as winning if it's expanding. it's an expansionist state. it believes that's its imperative. it has expanded in the sense that it has franchises in places like libya that have sworn ali yans -- allegiance. on the other hand i think they
11:40 am
thought they would have expanded further from the main sights. is fact that they have not is a real blow to them and makes their propaganda a little bit less compelling to those that thought they were unstoppable. >> graham wood your piece is what isis really wants in the atlantic. thank you so much for coming on. come back. >> thank you. >> a vigil is planned for this evening for the mother of four gunned down in front of her home. not for money. not by mistake. but apparently over a fender bender that almost happened. police in las vegas are now looking for this man. they say on thursday he nearly got into a car accident withalmy meyers after she gave her daughter a driving lesson. there was an argument. our affiliate reports when meyers reached her drive way the fwun man gunman started firing. meyers was hit and later died in the hospital. she was 44 years of age.
11:41 am
>> she was the grandmother of 1. my son is only 1. 1 year and 2 months. and now i have to deal with my son, growing up without knowing his grandmother. >> gosh sarah is with me. sarah they have video of this suspect's vehicle. >> that's right. they have surveillance video. cameras are everywhere these days. it could help crack the case. i want to show you the video right now of the surveillance. you can see the cars. it is dark. it's hard to see. it's hard to see a license plate, flex but they're asking anyone that has any information or could potentially take a look at this and say hey, i might know that car. apparently there were three people inside that car according to police. one of whom they have made a sketch of who they believe is the suspect in the shooting in this particular case. that car is grey or silver. i want to give you a look at the
11:42 am
suspect and the sketch made of this suspect. basically a white male about 180 pounds but you can also see, he has got sort of spikey hair. that would help people to say okay maybe i know this person. his eyes are either blue or hazel. police are, you know on a man hunt now. this was valentine's weekend. tammie meyers lost her life because of a simple incident in traffic that got completely out of control. the two argued at some point and then at some point he ended up shooting at her and killing her. her husband is absolutely destroyed. >> my son came out and watched his mother fall and he did what any son would do. he's a hero in my book and returned fire. >> and as you mentioned there is a vigil tonight for tammie meyers the mother of four.
11:43 am
she was giving a driving lesson to her daughter a teenager who is learning to drive and it's horrible that she had to learn this awful lesson about road rage after she just got finished going around in a parking lot to teach her daughter to drive. something most parents do right brooke. >> of course. i remember my mom doing it time and time again. and people take it to this level this day. i will never be able to understand that. sarah, thank you. >> we have new developments here in the aftermath of the denmark terror attacks. investigators are learning more about the gunman's allegiance to isis and how he became radicalized and why the cafe attacked in copenhagen was evacuated today. >> and is antisemitism on the rise across europe? a journalist spent hours walking the streets of paris with a hidden camera. we'll show you what he saw, what he experienced, next.
11:44 am
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as recent terror attacks in denmark and france raise fears across europe there's report of anti-se anti-semetic incidents on the rise. this is the threat felt more and more by people in europe. he spent ten hours walking the streets of paris while wearing traditional jewish prayer garment and cap in an area where there was a high percentage of muslim he was verbally abused. just total transparency you tell me what parts of paris, what areas he was in and what exactly he experienced. >> well he walked around all of paris but in this 90 seconds of cut down video from ten hours of video, most of it is actually
11:49 am
from the northeast of paris. these are the suburbs, very poor areas. predominantly muslim areas and as he walked through there. he was spat at. the word jew was shouted out. lots of other insults as well. when you cut it down into 90 seconds it's quite horrific to watch but i did ask him, are these sorts of areas the area where is you would stand out anyway? would you be getting insults anyway? and he said there's no way of really judging that but he felt very very vulnerable and the word jew was thrown at him and really offensive words. it was a horrible experience for him. >> so as we're watching this does he feel that in the wake of what's happened in denmark and in france does he feel targeted? does he feel that he is at risk? or is this something he felt for awhile? >> well he certainly wanted to investigate this as a journalist and he got this idea from an
11:50 am
american lady that walked through new york and exactly the same thing. ten hours of footage, cut it down to about a minute and there was lots of sexual abuse he suffered from. he was taking the format and taking it to france and paris specifically to see if there was antisemitism there. he believes there is. he's not alling in paris and says there's an element of gimmicks to this. and there were compliments as well that he didn't include. but just before he filmed this there was an attack on the supermarket in paris so he was scared. he did have a security guard with him and he felt a sense of pride being able to do that as well. confused feelings. i spoke to him earlier and he said it could have been much worse. this is what he said. >> we don't have sound, max. can you paraphrase? >> yeah so effectively what he
11:51 am
said is he was worried. he was scared but he didn't get any physical violence. so he said it could have been worse. so while this video is very powerful on its own, we should take out paris and europe and it's something that hit a nerve with a lot of people and going viral. >> max foster thank you. one man's perspective walking through paris. and we mentioned some of these attacks outside of denmark as the people of denmark are mourning the two victims killed in this weekend's terror attacks. we're learning details about the links to isis. pledging allegiance to the group's leader in this now deleted facebook posting. there was no evidence that he ever travelled to iraq or syria or was at any training camp there but it does appear that he turned to radical islam in prison carrying out the shootings actually just two weeks after he was released. today authorities returned to the cafe that was the scene of that first attack. bomb squad officers reportedly
11:52 am
finding a suspicious letter. so let's go to cnn senior international correspondent who is there for us in denmark. nick tell me about this letter. >> well pretty quickly the police brought in the bomb squad and this is something that you know a discarded letter that any other day might have been thrown in a waste bin and just ignored but there is still a high state of alert here. this was the place that was attacked. the letter was found here and there's still armed police in this area. they responded quickly. the bomb squad came in and they took a look at it and within an hour or two hours they decided this was not a threat and opened up the area again. there's been a constant stream of people coming through here and it is a concern that the people here this was the location that was attacked. so it might, you know, it might be a location for a copy cat type of attack. >> when people are getting into
11:53 am
the why, why would he do this you spoke with a man, nick who knew him who are talked a little bit with you about his background that he said perhaps would make him more and more emotional and vulnerable to radicalization? >> sure. and we've heard the intelligence services here come out today and say look we knew that he was getting radicalized. we don't tipoffs about it. we didn't think he was about to attack and then just a couple of hours before the attack he proclaimed support for the leader of isis. a clear indication of where he mind set is at but having talked to somebody that knew this guy, knew the gunman when he was in the gangs here these are gangs that had violent turf wars here. it's a different complex on who this man was and how he got his -- how he got his weapon skills. this is what he told me. >> he didn't have to go to iraq didn't have to go to syria to
11:54 am
get weapons training. he was getting it here on the streets of copenhagen. >> yeah we have a lot of people going to syria and iraq to learn to use weapons. he got his education in using weapons and dehumanizing other people and able to kill them here in denmark and in inner city areas. >> but you know what happened here those wars between the gangs here they made a truce but because the gunman was such a violent character his gang pushed him out and the assessment is that really he just wanted something else to gravitate toward. sort of at the bottom end of society if you will and graf gravitated toward radical islam. he takes all of this violent subculture with him. >> thank you so much nick. next breaking news out of ukraine today. the ceasefire is barely holding on. it's violence on both sides
11:55 am
continue. we have our correspondent there. we'll talk to him, next.
11:56 am
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enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. ukraine ceasefire may be crumbling after three days. five service members killed in just the last 24 hours. there's a truce between the government and pro-russian separatists set guidelines for the ceasefire starting saturday as if this past saturday at midnight but intense fighting is dimming hopes that would remain intact or even happen in parts here nick joins me.
11:59 am
let me just begin with what has come of this meeting? we heard from angela merkel. the ceasefire agreement happened. there's been a call between poroshenko merkel and putin. what came of that? when i heard the word ceasefire what i've been seeing for the past two days it feels odd at the end of the day. we see the key flashpoint in all of this and no sbrepgs in violence and it's much quiter in terms of explosion ever since sunday. but we're hearing from the ukrainian government. they lost control of part of it. there's been a fight for the railway station there. they have been hit by rocket systems. they have come under attack trying to break out there. lot of lives have clearly been
12:00 pm
lost. there's been video of various ukrainian prisoners of war being paraded. it's a very messy situation. it's certainly not a ceasefire. the un security council are meeting any minute now to try to discuss this crisis and we're really looking i think at what is this situation? it's not a ceasefire. >> agreeing to disagree on something that hasn't even happened. excellent reporting as you watch and wait to see what happens. now we continue on to the top of the next hour here we're getting a report from this french newspaper reporting these attacks were indeed coordinated. sources say one of the brothers behind the massacre at charlie hebdo offices was in communic